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February 23, 2021

Refer a Friend: Save $50 on Storage in Waltham MA

Moving in or out of Boston soon? Storage Plus Boston is here to assist you every step of the way. We can hold your items in our secure interior or drive-up storage units as you settle into your new home. You can save on our rentals when you refer a friend to us! Each of you will receive a discount. You can feel safe storing with us because we have experience helping our tenants move. Since the beginning of the pandemic, large cities have had many more residents moving out than previous years. We broke down some of the main factors why below.

Reasons Residents Moved Away From Large Cities in 2020

Cost of Living

In addition to the massive layoffs around the country, city rent is already high. You pay for the convenience of living close to work and city attractions. But when you are restricted to spending most of the time in your apartment anyway, the high rent could seem less worth it. Some people chose to move temporarily with the intention of returning when the pandemic calmed down.

Proximity to Support System

When the pandemic first started, there were a lot of unknowns as case numbers quickly rose. It was an intimidating time, and some people decided to move back to to be with their families or create a small group of friends to quarantine with.

Saving When You Refer a Friend

Storage Plus Boston has self storage available in Waltham MA to help you through your move. Our secure facility will give you peace of mind knowing your items are safe, and make your storage even more affordable when you refer a friend. Then you will each get $50 off your next rental. Call or stop by our office with any questions or concerns. Find your storage solution online today!

refer a friend