College Storage Mistakes
April 29, 2021

3 Common College Storage Mistakes to Avoid

As the semester ends, many college students are left with the dilemma of finding self storage for their personal items. Oftentimes these students live hours from campus, and thus it is paramount that they find an affordable and secure self storage facility near their school.  Fortunately, Storage Plus has you covered providing affordable state college storage units to the greater Boston area. Learn how to avoid common college storage mistakes in Storage Plus’ guide below!

Don’t Downsize – Pick the Right Sized Storage for Your Needs

You might be tempted to get a smaller storage unit and save some money. Still, there is nothing more frustrating than running out of storage space mid-move. Be sure to pick the right sized storage unit for your needs. elaborates on this concept in a recent article highlighting college storage and packing tips. As they note, a standard 5×5 storage unit is typically sufficient for a dorm room or one-bedroom apartment, whereas a 5×10 storage unit should suffice for a two or three-bedroom apartment. Storage Plus in Boston, MA also offers a convenient storage calculator to better plan your storage needs.

Don’t Overpack – Sell or Donate any Unneeded Items

As previously mentioned, your storage unit holds a finite area of space. Subsequently, you should only be storing items you deem necessary for your next semester. That stained and cumbersome couch in the corner, or that dusty and rarely used tv? Consider donating these items to an area thrift store. Another option is to sell them on a local marketplace, or to list them on your campus’ message boards. Sure they might not be worth much, but the end goal is to limit unnecessary items, and any extra cash made is a bonus.

Don’t be Unorganized – Label Any Boxes Placed in Storage

Develop a plan for your storage unit’s organization. Label all boxes and storage bins packed into your unit, and consider creating an overhead map of your storage unit layout. Additionally, you might find it helpful to create an inventory spreadsheet for your unit. Create more room by utilizing your unit’s “vertical space” – place larger bins and boxes at the base of your unit, and stack lighter smaller boxes on top. Additionally, seasonal clothing and textbooks can be left at he front of your unit for easy access. Be sure to stop in at Storage Plus in Boston MA for all of your packing and moving supplies!

Storage Plus in Boston MA

Storage Plus in Boston MA is your premier destination for affordable state college storage units in the greater Boston area! Amenities of this location include temperature-controlled storage units, gated access, and the convenience of moving and packing supplies sold onsite. Additionally, Storage Plus offers its customers easy and convenient onsite U-Haul moving truck rentals. Come visit today and learn why Storage Plus in Boston is your choice for affordable storage in the Massachusetts area!